Nicole and Chris {Wedding Photography}

Getting to spend the day with Nicole and Chris, for their wedding, was a blast. With fun friends and loving family to help them on their way, Nicole and Chris had an awesome wedding day.

Nicole and Chris got married at Grange Golf Club, which was a first for me. Having never been to Grange Golf club I made a pre scout on the the Thursday, to make sure I know where the best spots for some photography would be on the big day. The club was kind enough to loan me a golf cart and gave me a map with some recommendations about spots that had worked for other photographers. I did my due diligence and checked out the recommendations but getting unique images means looking a little further so I did. Golf courses can be really disorientating so I ended up getting lost a couple of times and had to check in with some of the golfers to find out which hole I was on lol Still I had a nice little drive and ended up with some Xs on my map ready for the wedding day. Saturday came around and I was feeling pretty excited to see what great moments I would be able to catch throughout the wedding day. Everyone started the day at the Westlakes resort, where I was able to capture some great candid moments, as everyone got ready, before a few quick portraits of the besties together. After I finished Nicole and her bridesmaids’ portraits it was a quick 7 minutes drive to golf course, nice! The ceremony was a fantastic representation of Nicole and Chris’ love for one another. And while having golfers stroll through my background was a little surreal at times, the locations was really beautiful, so who minds a few strangers gawking every once in a while. Next up for the happy couple family photos followed by some awesome portraits. We just caught the sun just as it was setting, and although we did not get to all of my pre planned spots, we got a ton of great images in a bunch of locations that worked out really well.

With Polish heritage in the family, Nicole and Chris enjoyed some old traditions, with the new family sharing bread, wine and salt to start the reception. Later after some delicious food had been served we all enjoyed some heartfelt speeches, followed by my favorite part of the evening, dancing! There was so much fun and love shared I was smiling pretty much the whole evening. Thank you for having me along guys.

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