Dominique and Scott {Wedding photography}

Scott and Dominique wanted a small intimate and relaxed wedding, in the beautiful Adelaide hills. Sinclair Gully winery is a beautiful little gem, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide city, yet still within 30 minutes of the city. It took me a little longer to get to Sinclair Gully winery as I took the back route but I love the hills so I did not mind a bit (on my way home I saw lots of Kangaroos).

The wedding set-up was fantastic to document, every angle a new best shot as I moved around the location. Soon enough guest started to arrive and as Dominique and Scott wanted to make the most of their time with friends and family we spent a few moments capturing some portraits before the ceremony. Shooting some portraits before the ceremony wasn’t the only way Dominique and Scott ensured plenty of time with their guest, their ceremony was probably the fastest I had seen yet! And while I was seeking out new and different angles to cover their wedding the celebrant was telling them it was time for their first kiss, luckily I had one ear listening out and did not miss this important moment. Once the ceremony was all wrapped up it was time for food, music and wine! The food was awesome wood oven pizzas, the wine from Sinclair Gully and the music a jazz trio.  I got to enjoy all but the wine on the day, I like to keep a straight head while working, although I had already bought a bottle on my pre scout the week before, so just had to wait until I got home for some wine.

Spending the afternoon with Dominique and Scott was really cool, they had probably the most laid back wedding I had been to, thank you for having me along guys.

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