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I grew up in the UK but have spent most of my adult life living and working in different countries, always as a photographer or in a job that was related to photography. I spent many years living and working on cruise ships, visiting over 30 countries in six years! I also discovered that seasickness lessens over time! After my life at sea I thought a little trip to New Zealand might be the go, so off I went for four years. New Zealand is beautiful and I spent much of my time trying to explore both the North and South Islands, I probably only scratched the surface! It was in New Zealand that I discovered a love of snowboarding. Over time found I wanted to experience the big mountains of the northern hemisphere, so I packed my bags once again and headed off. Whistler, in Canada is one of North American's Premier Winter resorts, and provided me with amazing winter, after amazing winter for six years! It was in Whistler that I met my partner, Nikki and deciding to follow my heart we made her home town, our home... Hello Adelaide!

Travel, photography, friends, family, dogs, being active, snowboarding, biking, coffee, reading and camping are what keep me going. I love experiencing new people and places.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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